Microsoft is releasing a new update of Windows 10 called Cumulative Update.

Microsoft is releasing a new update of  Windows 10 called Cumulative Update.

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Microsoft company is bringing a new update of window10 on September 10,2019. The name of that update is a cumulative update. Along with all this, many few features will be seen in the upcoming update of Windows 10 cumulative.

Every month Microsoft brings new updates in the form of the patches to resolve the security vulnerabilities issues and updates are not just for Windows 10 but other products like Microsoft Office and .Net Framework, etc.

The previous cumulative update of Windows 10  had a lot of issues, there were a lot of installing failed and broken features. The previous update of window 10 cumulative version 1903 has a lot of bugs issues to solve like high CPU usage and broken down window search.

Microsoft Promise to solve the issues related to the security vulnerability with the upcoming update of tomorrow(10-Sept-2019) will get all the helpful results. 

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Dota 2 New hero: Snapfire is the latest hero

Dota 2 New hero: Snapfire is the latest hero

What is Dota 2?
Dota 2 game is the most popular and trending game of multiplayer online Battle Arena. This game was created by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 game is the sequel of DotA game. 

There are two teams inside the Dota 2 game and there are 5 players in each team. Within this game, every team has to defend their base and these players have their own superpower that's why these players are called heroes. All players have their unique ability. During the match, players get points and items that can be saved in the inventory in the Dota 2 game. Main Motive of this game is that both teams are to secure the base of its own. The team which destroys the opponent team base, they will win.

Dota 2 game was developed in 2009. Dota 2 game was launched for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Dota 2 game is free to play. There is no charge for it. This is freely available on the internet and inside Dota 2 game, there are too many things, you will definitely lik…

Tata Sky Broadband is providing Extra usage for 6 months.

Tata Sky Broadband is providing Extra usage for 6 months.
The users of the Tata Sky broadband is getting 5 months of extra usage for those who have taken a 12-month plan in Lucknow.The users of Tata Sky broadband is getting 12 months of extra usage for those who have taken an 18-month plan in Jodhpur.
Tata Sky Broadband users have provided 3 to 6 months of extra usage for those who have taken 12 months plan and it will be applicable in only a few cities with extra usage and it will be applicable in selected cities where for the first time Jio Fiber will launch as Tata Sky wants to defeat Jio Digital Service with broadband service.

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The users of Tata Sky broadband is getting 12 months of extra usage for those who have taken an 18-month plan in Jodhpur. This extra usage of the 12-months plan is not available in other cities. The extra usage plans of tata sky broadband are also available on the unlimited as well as fixed GB plans.

The users of ISP in 21 cities including Bengal…

Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

Some engineers at Stanford University have teamed up to create a skin monitoring system. The skin monitoring system uses the network of the stretchable sensor through which the skin monitoring system can wirelessly relay the physiological signals.

Body area sensor network is also known as BodyNet. This system uses rubber patches that are screen printed with flexible metallic ink antennas. These patches were applied to the body in such a way that if the patches are stretched and move so through which we can analyze the heart rate, body temperature, and other vital sign.

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These patches required a battery-free sensor and this sensor transmit the energy with the form of RFID(radiofrequency Identification) where some amount of energy was cut off which was released due to the adhesive of the fabric. Then the receiver uses the Bluetooth through which all the physiological data can be uploaded to the computer or any other System.

In order…

Top 10 Tech Milestones of Independent India | Technology News

Today on 15 August 2019, India is celebrating 73rd Independence day to pay tribute and remember all our freedom fighters who fought to liberate our country. India became independent from the Britishers on 15 August 1947. The struggle to liberate our country lasted from 1857th to the 1947th year.
Top 10 Tech Milestones of Independent India1) India's first Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T) was set-up at Kharagpur, West Bengal in 1951.

Source of Image: IIT Building
2) At the 1995 year when mobile service started in India, then the first Phone call was made by the chief minister of West Bengal Jyoti Basu to the telecom Minister Sukh Ram. 

Image Source: Jyoti Basu
3) India's first supercomputer PARAM 8000 was built in 1991. 

Source of Image: Supercomputer Param 8000
4) Rakesh Sharma became the first Indian who travels in space on 2 April 1984.

Source of Image: Rakesh Sharma
5) On 2016, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) was established by separating the Departme…

Jio Fiber Welcome offer Launched in India: All detail about Price, Plans and many more offers

Reliance Jio has announced JIOFIBER welcome offer at 42nd RIL annual general meeting which was held on Monday. JIOFIBER welcome offer will be available to all of you from 5 September so that you people can use Jio fiber. Jio has also launched a welcome offer through which  Jio provides the full HD TV for the user. Even Ambani has said that those who will use JIOFIBER for a long time, that is, for a long time, if they update the plane of JIOFIBER, they can also get free full HD TV for the users.

Finally, Jio is back with its new features so that people can get more benefits to this JIOFIBER. The best news about JIOFIBER is attracting people to it that people can get a free full HD TV along with Jio Fiber.

Reliance Jio is also right that people who keep JIOFIBER's plan forever can also get a free full HD TV.

Image: Jio GigaFiber to come with free FullHD TV

JIOFIBER is also known as Jio GigaFiber. JioFiber is the technology of the future. It provides the fastest internet…

Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated, claims Researchers

WhatsApp is a social media app in today's time through which we can send messages to our friends. It is the biggest and famous social media app and every app has some weakness through which data or personal information can be stolen. So due to a security weakness in WhatsApp, researchers said that "hackers found a way to breach the WhatsApp security and they can change the sent messages in a group conversation as well as they can change the sender's identity." Hackers can edit your sent WhatsApp messages.

How hackers bypass the security of Whatsapp?Roman Zaikin, a security researcher and Oded Vanunu head of product vulnerability research both at the Security firm checkpoint explain how hackers can hack the WhatsApp account, how can they bypass the security of WhatsAppand how they can breach the WhatsApp security so that they can change the WhatsApp messages and sender's identity. They said that only the Reverse Engineering process can bypass the security of WhatsA…