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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Review of Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard and Mouse

  Ekansh Jain       Thursday, 13 August 2020

  • Virtual laser projection Keyboard: It is more steady and smarter, to improve purchasers' usage experience, they change the smaller USB port to micro USB port.
  • Multi Functionality: Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard/Mouse, power bank, mobile phone stand.
  • Interface: USB and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard
Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard

  • Product Size: 90mm X 44mm X 48mm 
  • Great touch Sensitivity: The BEEP sound and brightness can be balanced on the laser keyboard. 
  • Photoelectric resolution: 3000dpi
  • Packing List: Host, instruction manual, USB charging cable.  
  • Wireless Laser Projection Bluetooth Keyboard is an imaginative information input gadget that utilizes intelligent 3D electronic recognition innovation. Pocket size design empowers this extraordinary gadget to be an answer for a convenient keyboard that doesn't occupy a lot of space. 

Note: Good with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac all kinds of system operations that can be utilized with any phone, tablet, laptop, and PC for a smooth and quick method of text input. Built-in Bluetooth gives comfort to associating with different gadgets without complex wired difficulties.

Link to Buy: Bluetooth Laser Projection Keyboard and Mouse


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