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Friday, 10 April 2020

What is Google Question Hub | Best Tool to Rank on Google?

  Ekansh Jain       Friday, 10 April 2020

What is Google Question Hub and How Practical it is used?

With so many innovative products, Google never fails to impress its customers. They always converge on providing the best tool that makes our work and life easier. The tool called Google Question Hub. Today I explain to you what is google question hub and how to use google question hub.

Google Question Hub
Google Question Hub

What is the Google Question Hub tool?

Not many people acknowledge this tool. This tool is latterly originated a day before. The Google Query Centre is still in beta mode. They gave access to only a few patrons and so far the response has been really good.

Proceed directly to our question about what the tool is.

The Google Question Hub tool is a platform developed by Google, which focuses primarily on unanswered questions on the Internet. It is a tool for the blogger community to find out what people often ask. 

There are no proper answers to those problems. You can add questions related to your niche blog.

It is the alternative of the Quora platform.

It gives the answer to your question.

This tool is serviceable for new bloggers whose traffic is not coming to their website.

It only promotes the URL as an answer.

Google Question Hub
What is Google Question Hub and How Practical it can be used?

Available in Countries

So far, this tool is only available in three countries. It is in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. Even in terms of language, it focuses only on English, Hindi, and Indonesian.

In the above three countries, there are people who have internet access, however, when it comes to communication knowledge, they don't have that aspect. They often type questions in their native language.
Google Question Hub
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Language in Google Question Hub

Speaking of India, Hindi is the most commonly used language. There is a section of the entire population that is more comfortable looking at their questions in Hindi.

The Google Question Hub provides the answer to your question. On the other hand, blogs that are the answer to those questions in Hindi are rare. So there is a gap that Google is trying to fill with the help of this tool.

The same is true of the other two countries. In Indonesia and Nigeria, people are resembling for answers to their questions in their mother tongue.

All the frequently asked unanswered questions are available in the Google Question Hub.

As I discussed a lot in the above section of this article, let’s go a little deeper into the question of how the Google Question Hub actually works. Most of us imagine Google knows everything or maybe Google has the answer for everything but no, we're wrong.

Working of Google Question Hub Tool

There are so many unanswered questions, people demand and they don't perceive answers. So Google came up with this tool as we know it. Did you know that 15% of queries every day are unanswered on Google and the Internet?

Yes, it is true. So if you're a blogger, nurture your scope. Assume about whether you've got the key to a treasure of questions people are really asking and they don't have the right answers.

It has some answered and unanswered questions, but this latest Google question hub only has an unanswered question.

Blogger's Problem

There is so much trouble out there for the bloggers. All the bloggers are doing keyword research and scanning for a good keyword with low competition. After finding that right keyword, you are surrounded by a large number of competitors.

Google finds all the queries asked on regular support and gathers them all in one place. That's the Google Question Hub. We can harmonize into this tool and search for a specific word or keyword. 

Google shows all the questions related to that keyword or topic that people have not yet answered.

Exporting Feature

So far, Google is providing you access to 100 queries at once. These 100 questions can be from many different categories. Once you have a list of questions to answer, you can export those questions to your system in the form of a .csv file.

If you do not want to export them to your system, you can classify any queries, which are important to you. 

You can come back and check the starred queries as there is a separate tab on the left side of the screen.

There is a button on the left side of the screen that brings you to the queries you want to add to your word or topic. Then there is the Questions tab where you can find all the attached questions.

There is a button for history, where you can check out the previously acquired queries from the Google Question Hub.

Setting option

There implies also a setting option where you can select your language and country. You can also delete your account and activity from the Settings tab. The last button you have is the Feedback button. 

Since the tool is still in beta version, Google wants to get feedback from bloggers who use it on an active basis. Google aspires to know if this tool helps the blogger community there.

Invitation Request

There is an invite a friend option where you can share the Google question hub tool link so that your friend can connect with this tool.

You must use the Google Question Hub tool to become a successful blogger. Because most of your time is lagging behind what people are looking for in terms of content, you can create content for the same subject.

You do a lot of keyword research before writing the article.

Google Question Hub makes your work easier. You get all of those questions in one place that you are looking to create your content.

Work with the help of Google Question Hub or work by either searching. Searching for keywords is easy tasks. By this tool, there is no need for a google search for the content. It's a Google search engine platform.

This tool collects unanswered questions. With the help of the Gmail account, they can explore the questions. 

In this Tool, all the questions are added by real people. You can easily access the question hub by your Gmail ID. 

You can easily find keywords or browsing categories of your content. There are many questions added they can view. Also, the topic is added regarding many questions.

Google Question Hub
UI of  Tool

It allows accounts to verified properties through Gmail ID. Here you can easily view unanswered questions by searching a topic name.

Linking their accounts to the Google question hub as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of this tool.

It is relevant to their work who do blogging. You can explore topics relevant to your niche.

If you like this article and find it helpful to understand what Google Question Hub is, please share it with others who you think might avail from this information.

If you have any queries, feel free to comment in the comment section, I'll get back to you.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q.1) Where does the answer get submitted when We submit a link in the answer on Google Question hub?

Ans-1) Firstly, the answer is checked by google if they verified then your answer is added in the Google question and answer section.

Q.2) What is an unanswered question, and how are questions collected?

Ans-2) Google's AI collects unanswered user's queries using various techniques. These unanswered user questions come directly from users, so you may hardly see queries in which the user intent is not clear.

We will continue to investigate other ways to find the best-unanswered questions from users and surface them so that we can share them with the creators.

Q.3) Which account should I use for Question Hub?

Ans-3) You can commonly use your Gmail account to sign Up and sign in in google question hub tool.

Q.4) Where is Question Hub available?

Ans-4) It is available in Hindi, English, Indonesia, and Nigeria language.

Q.5) What devices is Question Hub available on?

Ans-5) It is an open-source platform that is available on the internet, you can access it from your mobile device, tablets, or Computer.

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