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Saturday 10 August 2019

Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated, claims Researchers

  Ekansh Jain       Saturday 10 August 2019

WhatsApp is a social media app in today's time through which we can send messages to our friends. It is the biggest and famous social media app and every app has some weaknesses through which data or personal information can be stolen. So due to a security weakness in WhatsApp, researchers said that "hackers found a way to breach the WhatsApp security and they can change the sent messages in a group conversation as well as they can change the sender's identity." Hackers can edit your sent WhatsApp messages.

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Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated

How hackers bypass the security of Whatsapp?

Roman Zaikin, a security researcher and Oded Vanunu head of product vulnerability research both at the Security firm checkpoint explain how hackers can hack the WhatsApp account, how can they bypass the security of WhatsApp and how they can breach the WhatsApp security so that they can change the WhatsApp messages and sender's identity. They said that only the Reverse Engineering process can bypass the security of WhatsApp.Reverse engineering is the subset of Social engineering  

The researchers found that there are three attack modes for the attacker to attack in the security of  Whatsapp---

Mode 1:) Use of quote function in a group conversation of Whatsapp
By using the "quote feature" of reverse engineering hackers can change the sender's identity who sends the text messages in a group conversation. For this, a hacker may not need to be a member of that particular group in Whatsapp.

Mode 2:) Hacker can change the text messages in WhatsApp
A sent message can be edited when quoted by anyone else in the chat. In this, while the original text remains unchanged, the receiver will see the altered version of the text messages.

Mode 3:) Send private messages to another group participant
This will allow a hacker to change the messages to anyone other than who it should reach and if the receiver responds the message, it is visible to all the members of that group in WhatsApp.

A large number of WhatsApp groups is under threat 
Researchers say that the biggest threat of these security flaws is the WhatsApp groups that have a large number of members. Because a large WhatsApp group containing a large number of members and this will allow an attacker to identify the identity of each member in that Whatsapp group.

How to Protect your Whatsapp account from being hacked

1) Protect your Whatsapp account with AppLock app

With the help of AppLock app, you can lock your WhatsApp app, whether it is pin lock or pattern lock, with the help of it you can secure your WhatsApp account if any third-party app tries to access your Whatsapp account then it will not be able to access, before that you will have to apply the pattern or pin of WhatsApp AppLock.

2) Two-Factor Authentication

Not everyone will know about this feature of WhatsApp account, this WhatsApp account feature makes your Whatsapp account more secure, you can catch this thing by going to the settings of your WhatsApp account and you will see two-factor authentication there. The six-digit PIN will have to be entered, then whenever you people reopen your WhatsApp there, it will ask you the PIN only at once then only you people able to open the Whatsapp.

Note: This two-factor authentication requires your email address and 6 digit PIN to enable this Whatsapp feature.

WhatsApp Vulnerability,WhatsApp Hackers, WhatsApp Hack, WhatsApp
Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated(1)

WhatsApp Vulnerability,WhatsApp Hackers, WhatsApp Hack, WhatsApp
Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated(2)

3) Password Strength

Your password should be made as big as possible, you have to make the password with the numbers, special symbol, and alphabets. If it is possible to change the password, then you should change the password every month to be secure more.

4) Don't forget to logout your Whatsapp account

If you log in to your WhatsApp account on another phone, then you should not forget to log out that account. When you have done your work with your WhatsApp, you have to log out that Whatsapp account.

5)What happens if you lose your Phone

Suppose that if you people lose your phone, then at that time you should immediately call customer care and block your phone's WhatsApp account, with the help of which if someone is trying to access your Whatsapp account and hack your WhatsApp account. If he tries, he will not be able to access it.

Note: Don't use any other version of Whatsapp such as GbWhatsappuse the only original version of Whatsapp.

What if your account was hacked

Sometimes you might experience a WhatsApp Hack, and that's when you have to know a list of things you can apply to prevent your Whatsapp account furthermore.

First, if you suspect that someone hacked your WhatsApp account, you might want to remove the app, and then reinstall it several times. Some security experts say that reinstalling the app at different times of the day would also stop the WhatsApp hack from causing you more trouble. Removing and reinstalling the application is burdensome, but you may not have another choice. After all, your personal information is more important than that. In fact, some recommend reinstalling WhatsApp every day, so don't be surprised if, eventually, you will have to resort to that.

Second, if you found that your WhatsApp account got hacked, the hackers might use your account to send text messages and other corrupted content. Hence, it is a good idea to notify your friends and relatives about it. You have to tell them that they mustn't respond to the messages that come from your number, especially if those messages come with outgoing links. If you fail to inform them about your WhatsApp Hack, it could lead to further personal data theft and even more hacks. So it's not just about you, it's about being responsible for other users, too.

Finally, we would like to go back to one of the aspects we have mentioned already, and that is deactivating the account. While we talked about deactivating your account in the case of losing your device, you can also apply this measure if someone hacks your WhatsApp Account. You can deactivate your account by reaching WhatsApp's technical support via Suppor@watshapp.com. When you send them the email, make sure that you include this line into the message:

Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account

You can also use the phrase above in the subject line of the email. After that, you should provide your phone number with the calling code (+1 in front of your number if you're from the United States). Then, the customer service will be able to help deactivate your account.

As you can see, removing the application and installing it again might be the best (albeit highly cumbersome) way to prevent hackers from accessing your account again. At the end of the day, you have to realize that employing a number of security measures is highly important. Even the best of locks cannot prevent extremely skillful hackers from entering a target system, so at least you should do everything in your power to make it harder for these criminals to reach your personal data.

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