Jio Fiber Welcome offer Launched in India: All detail about Price, Plans and many more offers

Reliance Jio has announced JIOFIBER welcome offer at 42nd RIL annual general meeting which was held on Monday. JIOFIBER welcome offer will be available to all of you from 5 September so that you people can use Jio fiber. Jio has also launched a welcome offer through which  Jio provides the full HD TV for the user. Even Ambani has said that those who will use JIOFIBER for a long time, that is, for a long time, if they update the plane of JIOFIBER, they can also get free full HD TV for the users.

Finally, Jio is back with its new features so that people can get more benefits to this JIOFIBER. The best news about JIOFIBER is attracting people to it that people can get a free full HD TV along with Jio Fiber.

Reliance Jio is also right that people who keep JIOFIBER's plan forever can also get a free full HD TV.

Jio Fiber welcome offer Launched in India,jio gigafiber to come
Jio Fiber Welcome offer Launched in India: All detail about Price, Plans and many more offers

Image: Jio GigaFiber to come with free FullHD TV

JIOFIBER is also known as Jio GigaFiber. JioFiber is the technology of the future. It provides the fastest internet connection where you can easily download or upload the videos, songs, videos and you can stream on youtube without buffering and many more such things. JioFiber welcome offer provides a broadband connection to your home.

Note: This Jio GigaFiber plan is known as JioFiber Welcome Offer.

Along with Jio Fiber Welcome offer, JioFiber user will also get full HD TV for free. Which brand of TV is this? Reliance Jio has not declared yet and has not even told that it is completely free or to pay in advance or to take on EMI or to deposit money from some security purpose, Ambani has not declared any such thing yet. Hope he will declare soon. This free full HD TV for users is just part of JioFiber welcome offer. This will be soon rolling out to the Jio Fiber user.

In the meeting, Mukesh Ambani announced these points are as follows---

1) All the details of the JioFiber welcome offer will be known only after September 5, when Ambani himself will tell users about all these things.

2) The forever plan of JioFiber is the annual plans for free JIO HD TV.

3) JioFiber Welcome offer will be launched on September 5, which will provide 1Gbps speed to the users.

4) Only those people will get an annual pack, they will get full HD TV for free.

Mukesh Ambani has just told that only those people who remain Jio fiber users for a long time will get free HD TV for free.

Mukesh Ambani has not told many things about Jio Fiber yet, he just told about free HD TV only. On September 5, Ambani will tell all the things of Jio Fiber Welcome offer when it will be launched officially in India.

Why only on 5 September?
Mukesh Ambani is launching Jio Fiber on September 5, because, on 5, Jio SIM will be of 3 years old.

The Jio company has told the range of Jio fiber plan that the range will be from Rs.700 to Rs.10000.

JioFiber Plan to starts from 700/- per month, offer 4K set-top box with MR, gaming console and many more.

Jio GigaFiber prices
The price of Jiofiber starting from 700 to 10,000 starting price at 700 and the ending price is 10000. Between this, there will be lots of offers lies in between will know only after launching of JioFiber welcome offer.

Jio GigaFiber speed
Users of Jio Fiber will get speeds up to 100 Mbps. Depending on various plans of JioFiber welcome offer users will get the speed of 1Gbps.

Jio Set-Top Box with MR
The setup box of Jio will provide many new features that you have never seen before. Jio's new set-top box comes with a video calling feature, through which you can make video calling with your friends. Within this set-top box, you can talk to four people at once by connecting your Mobile Phones.

This set-top box is different from the rest of the set-top box because this set-top box provides the gamily-console feature. Through this set-top box, you can play the high-graphics game like it is the most amazing feature at today's time, so through this gaming -console feature, you can play the high-end graphics game like Call of Duty, PUBG, FIFA, and many more such games. You do not need Playstation to play big games in the coming time, you can play the game through this Jio set-top box.

Note: This gaming Console feature is the most unique feature of all time, this gaming console feature. This feature has not yet been launched in India, this feature of Jio will be launched by Ambani on 5 September.

This new Jio set-top box supports Mixed Reality, what is Mix Reality, i is the combination of two reality one is augmented reality and another one is virtual reality. The combination of both of these is reality Mixed Reality. The company has created this feature called Mixed Reality by combining these two features. In order to use the Mixed Reality services, Jio will offer the Jio Holoboard MR headset. This headset is made by a new startup called Tesseract and will be going on sale soon in India.

Jio Fiber welcome offer Launched in India,jio gigafiber to come
Jio Fiber Welcome offer Launched in India: All detail about Price, Plans and many more offers

Through the set-top box, all of you can watch any movie in full HD as well as the movie which will be seen in the first-day first show hall, you will also be able to watch the movie sitting at home in your live TV of the setup box on the first day of Movie. Now it comes to know how to take care of piracy of movies, Jio users will know all these things only after using Jio Set-top box when Jio's welcome offer will be launched on 5 September.

This is the biggest step taken By Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Jio.

Jio Fiber welcome offer Launched in India,jio gigafiber to come
Jio Fiber Welcome offer Launched in India: All detail about Price, Plans and many more offers



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