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Tuesday 20 August 2019

Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

  Ekansh Jain       Tuesday 20 August 2019
Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

Some engineers at Stanford University have teamed up to create a skin monitoring systemThe skin monitoring system uses the network of the stretchable sensor through which the skin monitoring system can wirelessly relay the physiological signals.

Body area sensor network is also known as BodyNet. This system uses rubber patches that are screen printed with flexible metallic ink antennas. These patches were applied to the body in such a way that if the patches are stretched and move so through which we can analyze the heart rate, body temperature, and other vital sign.

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Stretchable skin sensor
Image: skin sensor

These patches required a battery-free sensor and this sensor transmit the energy with the form of RFID(radiofrequency Identification) where some amount of energy was cut off which was released due to the adhesive of the fabric. Then the receiver uses the Bluetooth through which all the physiological data can be uploaded to the computer or any other System.

In order to implement this technology practically, the team of engineer put that sensor in his wrist and abdomen so that they can analyze heart rates and respiratory rate by detecting how the skin is stretched with the heart-beat. The patches which were placed on the elbow detect the motion of the hand and the patches which were placed on the knees, they detect motion to the movement of the feet. The main advantage of stretchable skin sensor is that stretchable skin sensor creates a full-body network.

According to Zhenan bao, who is a Chemical Engineer Professor, the engineers who created this device under the guidance of the professor. Now this team is thinking of making a new device that will detect the sweat and other secretions through which the body The temperature and stress can be measured.

Bao has said, "that one day they will be able to create full-body skin sensor which will collect all the psychological data without interfering the person's normal behavior."

The sensor is of some ways that wearing them feels like an uncomfortable. The problem that arises in the stretchable skin sensor with a stretchable antenna. Signals come out of this when deformed became weak. To handle this situation, the engineer is building a type of RFID system that makes the emitted beam more stronger to the receiver end without any fluctuations. In the coming time, engineers will design this sensor in such a way that it is easy to apply on any cloths.

Note: This stretchable skin sensor creates a full-body network.

Working of Electronic skin

Overview of electronic skin
The electronic skin which is the word, it is made up of two parts, electronic and skin. Electronic is very much used word in our daily life. Electronic skin is the type of material which mimics the skin in many ways. It is made up of silicon(semiconductor) rubber.

Basically, Electronic skin is build to measure the activity of the heart, brain, and other vital sign. Electronic skin is easily laminated on the body skin. 
That was the basic overview of electronic skin.

Working of electronic skin
An antenna is used to transmit the signal of skin to the receiver end and to measure the heart rates strain gauge builds. Temperature sensors are also build to measure the temperature of the body.
The electronic skin is working in such a way that it takes the signal from the body and send it to the receiver end. 
Electronic skin is the best achievement in the medical field.

The price of electronic skin is $1719.38 million. This price of electronic skin is globally announced.

Flexible electronic skin IEEE paper: E-skin paper

Skin sensors definition,stretchable electronics review,stretchable electronics applications
Working of electronic skin

Image: Working of Electronic skin

moritex moist sense
Basically, it is the moist sensor in a slim and pen-shaped housing. The scoring level of moritex moist sense is from 0 to 99 which is displayed on the LED screen.

Skin sensors definition
Skin sensors is a device which is laminated on the body like a chip and this device measure the behavior of the interior of the body and its output comes out on the screen. skin sensor is the best device in the medical sector. With the help of the skin sensor, you can easily detect the disease.

stretchable electronics review
stretchable skin sensor is the example of stretchable electronics. It is the best device in the upcoming future technology. It is used to protect against the disease. That is the stretchable electronics review.

stretchable electronics applications

  • Stretchable energy storage device
  • Medicines
  • Diagnostics
  • diabetes
  • surgeries

Note: These are the applications of stretchable electronics.

For More DetailsDetail of Stretchable Skin Sensors

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Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers


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