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Saturday 19 November 2022

Which Tools Should You Use in Academic Writing and Why

  Ekansh Jain       Saturday 19 November 2022

Writing an excellent academic paper is not an easy task. Undoubtedly, it is a boring and time-taking task

That’s why it gives headaches to many students. 

Crafting a flawless academic paper demands intense dedication and several hours. 

In this digital era, technology has provided numerous academic writing tools that help students achieve perfection in their careers. 

When you write “best academic writing tools” in Google’s search bar, you will be surrounded by many tools.

How will you come to know the best academic writing tools?

Do not be worried!

For this reason, we have created this ultimate guide. Here you will learn about the four best academic writing tools you should start using right now.

Let’s dive right into these academic writing tools.

1.  Online-notepad.net


Before writing an assignment, students should brainstorm ideas and take them down to notes.

Gone are the days when learners relied on pen and paper to create notes. These days students can benefit from online notepad tools to take notes easily. 

Among these notepad tools, online-notepad.net stands first. 

In several ways, this notepad tool comes in handy for students. It helps you jot down your ideas instantly.

All you need to do is visit online-notepad.net and start writing into its input area. You do not need to tap on the “Ctrl+S” key. 

Instead, this digital notepad automatically saves your text as you start typing. 

It is free to use and does not require any registration. Students can use it to create a to-do list and organize the content’s structure. 

Its “Rich Text Note” feature lets you format your content like a pro. This feature is enriched with multiple formatting elements, such as:

·      Font size

·      Font face

·      Font color

·      Bold & italic

·      Underline the text

·      Bullet points 

Most importantly, it is integrated with Grammarly. Hence, students can remove all grammatical flaws from their notes without spending a single penny. 

Using this tool, you can make direct searches on Google. So you do not need to close the tool and open a separate tab on Google.

Learners can create an outline for their academic papers with this tool.

Why is it great?


  • 100% free  
  • Auto-saving feature
  • Integrated with Grammarly
  • The “Save & downloading” option
  •  No installation is required
  • Compatible with all devices & operating systems

2. Word-counter.io

The phrase “Word Count” can cause panic among several learners. 

Some students face difficulty in writing enough, while others struggle to stick to a specific word count. 

While writing an academic paper, it is necessary for students to hit the exact word count. 

Counting words manually is really a time-killing task. 

Word-counter.io gives a helping hand to learners to write within the given limit. 

All you need to type into its input section. It will start counting the number of characters, words, sentences, and pages. 

Most significantly, it accomplishes this task in the blink of an eye. 

In this way, it saves students’ time. 

Additionally, it has a grammar checker feature that lets you eliminate all writing typos, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.

So you can make your assignment error-free. Plus, word-counter.io also displays the word density of your academic paper. 

You can access this word-counting tool from anywhere – it supports all devices and operating systems. 

Why is it great?


  •     All-time free 
  •     Computes word count instantly
  •     Super-fast processing speed
  •     Free grammar checker option
  •     No signup required
  •     User-friendly interface
  •     Simple and easy to use


3.  Copyscape.com


In academic writing, you are not allowed to commit plagiarism. Your professor will not treat it.

It could have severe consequences on your academic career. Accordingly, you need to check your paper’s authenticity before submitting it to your mentor. 

This is where copyscape.com comes into play. It is one of the most trustworthy plagiarism-checking tools. 

This is because it provides you with a comprehensive report with all sources with similar text to yours. 

It is quite easy to use. You will not face any difficulty in using this plagiarism checker. All you need to do is copy-paste the content into its text area. 

Copyscape.com scans your academic paper in real-time and highlights all the plagiarized sections. 

After discovering the duplicated sections, you can fix them and make your paper plagiarism-free.  

Why is it great?

  •      User-friendliness. 
  •      Traces duplication instantly
  •      Supports multiple languages
  •       Uses Google & Bing to check plagiarism 


4.  Reprhaser.co


Till now, you have written an assignment and checked its originality. 

What if your paper contains plagiarism?

Worry not!

You can remove duplication in the content by paraphrasing it efficiently. Paraphrasing allows you to rewrite the content without changing its true meaning. 

Are you struggling to paraphrase an academic paper?

In this case, rephraser.co can brush off all your paraphrasing worries!

This rephrasing tool is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that creates different versions of the same text without changing its original meaning. 

It performs human-level paraphrasing; thus, the rewritten content is plagiarism-free and easy to read. 

Just copy-paste the plagiarized text into its input area and press the “Paraphrase” icon. 

It changes the sentence structure of the given text and replaces words with appropriate synonyms in a matter of seconds.

In this way, it removes plagiarism from the paper. 

Once you have made your paper free from plagiarism, you can use its “Grammar Checker” to spot and remove grammatical errors. 

In addition, it has a summarizer that sums up your entire assignment in a few words. 

Why is it great?


  •     Reprhaser.co: an advanced rewriting tool
  •     Erases plagiarism from the assignment
  •     Maintains the core meaning of the content
  •     Creates non-robotic content
  •     Supports different languages
  •     Free grammar checker
  •     An amazing summarizer 
  •     Works well on all operating systems and devices

Bottom Lines

In times like these, learners should take advantage of the best academic writing tools. 

We have highlighted four top-notch academic writing tools. These are:

      i.  Online-notepad.net

     ii.  Word-counter.io 

    iii.  Copyscape.com 

    iv.  Reprhaser.co

Online-notepad.net helps you take notes and create an outline for assignment.

On the other hand, word-counter.net assists students in reaching the exact word count. 

Copyscape.com checks the paper’s authenticity and traces plagiarism.

Lastly, rephraser.co removes plagiarism from the academic paper and makes it unique.


Thanks for reading Which Tools Should You Use in Academic Writing and Why

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