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Friday 21 April 2023

4 Ways Your Business Can Implement AI For Improved Customer Service

  Ekansh Jain       Friday 21 April 2023

Running a business means you are always up-to-date about the many different strategies you can apply to produce better results. One of those strategies includes providing good customer service. 

It’s the era of customer service. The number one priority of your business is to ensure that your customers are having a good customer service experience with your brand. It includes managing their queries, discussing the prices of each item, options for billing procedures, dealing with their complaints, canceling their services, and more. Many companies are applying new methods for an improved customer service experience. One of the leading examples is Xfinity, which has effectively shifted and improved every possible service that would otherwise require the customers to visit the outlet or customer service department. Their 24/7 Xfinity customer service number means that customers can reach out to them at their own convenience. This has helped Xfinity to retain its customers and boost customer loyalty as well. 

If you are struggling as a business, to gain customer loyalty, then you need to work on your customer service. It can be pretty costly since you need to deal with operational costs as well as labor. Hence, to deal with such high maintenance costs. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in customer service is becoming common, which is what we are going to detail in this article. 

How to Use AI for Better Customer Service?

The answer to providing improved customer service to gain customer loyalty lies in artificial intelligence technology and we discuss how that is so:


Your customer service agents are tasked with handling a large number of customer calls on a daily basis. They are also faced with the challenge of having to reduce the average resolution time for each customer.

Applying chatbots will help your customer support agents to deal with such challenges. Along with providing prompt answers with the super-fast speed in real-time, chatbots also reduce the burden of these agents by resolving a high number of customer queries in a short time with the highest accuracy and zero error. 

Chatbots are designed to provide automated answers to simple and repetitive queries, hence, it leaves space for your support agents to deal with the complex issues of other customers. 

Cost Reduction

Did you know, that many businesses around the world have to spend around $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service call every year? That is a surprisingly huge amount and shows how much a business operation costs go into managing their customer service. 

Fortunately, that can be reduced with the help of chatbots. Chatbots help to cut these calls by speeding up their response times, giving your customer service agents more time for other challenging work that requires their attention. 

An example of this is call computerization, which includes a combination of machine learning and advanced speech recognition for an improved conventional interactive voice system. All that is possible along with saving up to 60% - 80% of human-powered outsourced call centers.

Round-The-Clock Service

Your customers don’t like being told to wait for hours until their queries are resolved. Neither do they like their messages to be replied to after a long while. They want you to be prompt in your responses. 

That’s where automated customer service can solve this. With the help of AI, your customer support can deliver fast customer service and resolve customer issues as soon as they arise, and that too any time of the day. This means that your customers’ issues will be resolved within 24 hours and not until the next working day. 

This should help your business go a long way in increasing customer satisfaction as well as providing excellent customer service. 

Collecting Data

Another advantage of implementing AI in your customer service is that this technology helps to collect data about the customers, based on their behavioral patterns and previous interactions with the company. 

Previously AI was dependent on the existing data of the customers that were provided manually. But the new generation of AI is properly designed to adapt to requesting data from customers without any human intervention.

AI in customer service can analyze customers’ behavioral patterns and then instantly respond to their needs. Through the information that has been collected about the customers, AI can examine it and take further actions to guide the customers through their queries, based on that data. 


Many companies that have integrated AI technology into their systems are already benefitting so much from data collection and storage and are producing good results in reduced real-time processing without any human interaction. 

Final Thoughts

All in all, it is pretty essential for businesses to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their customer support systems so that they can successfully gain customers, retain them and achieve their loyalty. AI technology will allow your business to stay ahead of the game by providing an improved customer service experience. 


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