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Tuesday 2 March 2021

How Hafslund use Azure Kubernetes service?

  Ekansh Jain       Tuesday 2 March 2021

Hey Everyone, today I am going to explain the use case of the Azure Kubernetes service. In the world, there are many companies that are currently using AKS, one of them is Hafslund.

Hafslund Nett is a power supply operator that provides the supply to millions of peoples and for reading the meter data, they need higher capacity and external designed software which is very difficult to manage.

So to solve the upfront amount and management issue, they decided to design their own meter-system, and for this, they use Azure Kubernetes Service to manage the software container, Azure as its cloud platform, and Azure monitor to maintain the container performance.

IT team of Hafslund will soon save their time for managing the containers by itself and customers can take the advantage of higher reliability.

Chief technology officer of Hafslund said, "We wanted a platform to increase the speed, development, and testing with security and without losing the data so they prefer Azure and its services to manage all the things".

Apply Containerization and Azure Kubernetes Service

Based on the experience with large-scale projects in another corporate world, Hafslund determines the power of Azure and its services like containerized applications. Working with the Microsoft team members they finally decided to switch towards the Azure Kubernetes service to manage the containerized application.


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