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Tuesday 2 March 2021

How NASA use Amazon SQS service?

  Ekansh Jain       Tuesday 2 March 2021

Hey Everyone, today I am going to explain the most important use case of SQS service by NASA Company.

Amazon Simple Queue Service(SQS) is managed service that decouples tightly coupled pairs, microservices, and serverless applications. Simple Queue Service(SQS) works as middleware and helps to eliminate complexity.

Using Simple Queue Service we can store, send and receive the messages between two devices, without losing the data and without requiring the presence of a receiver device.

SQS provides two ways of messages sending:-

1) Standard way:- It means sending the data randomly.

2) FIFO Queue:- It means data will send in an orderly.

Using Simple Queue Service, we can trigger the processing pipelines when new content comes up without much delay.

We can integrate the Simple Queue service with S3 service, Lambda function, and cloud watch.

NASA uses a simple queue service for image and video processing. It helps to decouple incoming jobs from the pipeline process and the Amazon Notification service helps to trigger the events when new data come up from the developer side.

SQS Visibility Timeout

It is the amount of time that the message is invisible from the message queue after consumers consume the message.

The Default Visibility Time out is 30 seconds.

Important features of SQS:-

1) SQS is a pull-based service, not a push-based service.  

2) Message size is 256 KB in size.

After pulling the message, always delete that request otherwise a single message came multiple times on a single device.


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