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Wednesday 10 March 2021

How Pinterest use Kubernetes?

  Ekansh Jain       Wednesday 10 March 2021
Pinterest is a huge social Media Platform, it has 1000 microservices and multiple numbers of infrastructure. In 2016, Pinterest's developers created a blueprint to launch a new compute platform, which helps to create the fastest path from ideas to production.

This type of platform should be created without making engineers worry about the infrastructure.


Firstly, they move their services to the docker containers. Once these services went to the production environment, then the team will start orchestration to help create efficiencies. After looking up many solutions, they went with the Kubernetes.

By using Kubernetes, the team was able to manage the scaling policies and failover effects. It will help in the deployment and management of the infrastructure like Jenkins.

Pinterest is based on AWS Cloud. Some services of Pinterest are running in ec2 instance.

Now, Pinterest is in a position to run the things at scale in a public cloud environment and test things out in the testing environment that a lot of people cannot do.

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