PUBG mobile 0.14.0 beta update: Helicopter in the lobby,etc

PUBG mobile 0.14.0 beta update: Helicopter in the lobby, updated graphics, new elements and many more in Pubg mobile.

In recent times, there was a new update of PUBG mobile v0.13.5 that has many new things inside. There is now a new update coming out of this game PUBG mobile v0.14.0. The Tencent company keeps on bringing new updates because they don't want their game to stop playing by people. They want to like their PUBG mobile and even more, people download the game and play so the Tencent keeps coming new things inside of PUBG mobile. After some time, a new update of the PUBG mobile is going to come in which you will find many new things to be seen as a helicopter in the lobby, riot shield, new zombie mode, updated graphics quality in Erangel map.

Let's talk about Helicopter in Lobby

The official channel on YouTube of PUBG Mobile that has been clearly shown there will be changed in the coming update that brings new UI (User Interface) of the PUBG mobile. In the loading lobby screen, there will be changed gun schematics in PUBG mobile.

It can be possible that the new update of PUBG mobile v0.14.0 combines the Zombie Darkest Night and Zombie survive Till Dawn 2 modes with team Death Match in pubg mobile.

There will be helicopters in the lobby, which will lift off players, but players can not do anything with these helicopters. These helicopters cannot be spotted on the maps in PUBG mobile.

pubg mobile 0.14.0 beta update

pubg mobile 0.14.0 beta update



Let's talk about Deathmatch modes and many more

In the Team DeathMatch mode, there will be AWM sniper weapon and level 3 armor which are lying around the guns which are likely to be more interesting and trying to fix the glitch in Team DeathMatch where players can go outside of the fight arena in PUBG Mobile.

Now the graphics become more realistic in Erangel map in the upcoming update in PUBG Mobile

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