Denied of Visa of Indian Pubg Gamer at PMCO Berlin,Germany || Full Details

Denied of Visa of Indian Pubg Gamer at Pubg Mobile Club open 2019 Berlin, Germany

Team SouL, TeamIND and Indian Tiger are selected for the Pubg tournament at Pubg Mobile Club Open 2019 which has been organized in Berlin, Germany.

On July 20, they will take part in prelims from Delhi Office instead of going to berlin due to visa denied.

What is Pubg Mobile Club Open Tournament?

The Pubg Mobile Club open tournament has been organized in Berlin, Germany where all the selected Pubg players from the different country come across and play the Pubg game which starts from 27-28 July 2019. But due to the visa denied of Indian Pubg players, they are not able to go to Berlin instead, they will take part in prelims from Delhi on July 2019.

Now, due to visa denied, TeamIND aka ScOutOP and Indian tiger will have to play their prelims from Delhi on 20th July 2019. While TeamSouL aka Mortal got the first position in qualifiers and they have the direct entry on the Pubg Mobile Club Open Main event to play with other players on 27-28th July. Because of their first qualification, they have even more time to apply for Visa till 26th July.

Why their visas were rejected?

According to Mortal, as he explains in his last youtube stream that why their visa was denied. He said that "our country has a lack of governing bodies toward the games. Foreign players are very lucky that they can easily migrate from any other country to India for playing games tournament because they have very good governing bodies towards the games that are very shameful for our country."

Denied of Visa of indian player,PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019
Denied of Visa of Indian Pubg gamer at PMCO for berlin, Germany

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