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20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 with Full Specs and Prices

20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 || Full Specs, Details
Best Camera Phones under 15000 Best camera smartphones under 15000 seem to be upgraded annually and we believe that many of you have already purchased one of the newest best camera phones under 15000 or thinking about to buy mobiles under 15000 in the coming days. However, if you are still looking for the mobiles under 15000 and can't decide what to buy, here are your options for the best camera phones under 15000.
We have listed the best camera phones under 15000 with the best quality of the camera in India offering the right combination of connectivity and performance. These best camera phones offer the perfect balance between performance and build quality under Rs.15000 (according to your budget).
Whatever information is in this article is taken from the internet and this information about the phones under 15000 with the best camera is true and genuine.

If you want phones with the best camera under 15000 then you are on the ri…

Google Pixel 4 coming with two New Features || Full details

Today we are going to show you the two most new features of Google Pixel 4 Phone that makes your phone more amazing. On Monday, Google officially announced the two new features of google pixel 4 and the Phone will come with the squared shaped rear camera module. The two features will come to see on Google Pixel 4 for the first time.

Google Pixel 4 coming with two New Features || Full details

Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor means your Phone will respond to you without touching it. This feature allows the users to operate the google pixel 4 just by waving their hands. Advanced Technology and Project Team (ATPT) has been working on the Soli project which is also known as motion-sensing radar. Radar, obviously you are familiar with the word it is the technology which is used to detect surrounding objects. Google Pixel 4 engineers have been working on the Soli project from the past 5 Year. They developed the tiny version which is placed at the top of the screen of google pixel 4 which is responsi…

Apple iPhones are coming with 5G in 2020, claims Kuo

Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo suggests that the Apple company is thinking about launching three masterpiece iPhones with a 5G feature in 2020. It was heard a few months ago that Apple will not launch any new iPhones with 5G capable handset until 2021. But according to a new report, Ming-chi Kuo said "Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2020 with 5G feature.

Kuo had already told that only expensive 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches iPhones support 5G feature, not every iPhone support 5G feature.

Apple acquires the intel's smartphone modem business for $1 billion. Now the intel's smartphone modem business technology is used to developing the new iPhones which are coming in 2020 with 5G features.

Reference: Image
     Brand new three Apple iPhones are coming with 5G in 2020

Kuo also told that three 2020 iPhones with 5G network support both mmWave 5G and sub-6GHz spectrum version of 5G feature. So by using these expensive technologies to build iPhones which leads to an increase in the pri…

Pubg Mobile Lite launched in India for low specs SmartPhones || Full details

Nowadays, Pubg is the only game which is most popular with youngsters and kids. The Original version of Pubg Mobile is for high specs smartPhones which require minimum 4gb ram to play Pubg Mobile. That's why Tencent Company launched another version 0.12.0 of Pubg game which is known as Pubg Mobile Lite for low specs Smartphone.Now Pubg Mobile Lite is compatible with each and every SmartPhone.Pubg Mobile Lite is fully optimized for the low specs smartPhones.Pubg Mobile Lite is designed in such a way to work on low specs smartPhone with less than 2gb ram.
Version0.12.0Updated OnJul 24,2019Released OnJul 25,2019Download Size468 MBOffered ByTencent Company
Finally, with the high demand of Pubg users with low ram smartPhones, Tencent Company gave Online Mobile Game named "PUBG MOBILE LITE", Gamers be ready for Pubg exhilarating battlefield. 

Pubg Mobile Lite launched in India for low specs smartPhones || Full detailsLighter but more thriller!
Pubg Mobile Lite is a battle game lau…

PUBG mobile 0.14.0 beta update: Helicopter in the lobby,etc

PUBG mobile 0.14.0 beta update: Helicopter in the lobby, updated graphics, new elements and many more in Pubg mobile.

In recent times, there was a new update of PUBG mobile v0.13.5 that has many new things inside. There is now a new update coming out of this game PUBG mobile v0.14.0. The Tencent company keeps on bringing new updates because they don't want their game to stop playing by people. They want to like their PUBG mobile and even more, people download the game and play so the Tencent keeps coming new things inside of PUBG mobile. After some time, a new update of the PUBG mobile is going to come in which you will find many new things to be seen as a helicopter in the lobby, riot shield, new zombie mode, updated graphics quality in Erangel map.

Let's talk about Helicopter in Lobby

The official channel on YouTube of PUBG Mobile that has been clearly shown there will be changed in the coming update that brings new UI (User Interface) of the PUBG mobile. In the loading lobby s…

Denied of Visa of Indian Pubg Gamer at PMCO Berlin,Germany || Full Details

Denied of Visa of Indian Pubg Gamer at Pubg Mobile Club open 2019 Berlin, Germany

Team SouL, TeamIND and Indian Tiger are selected for the Pubg tournament at Pubg Mobile Club Open 2019 which has been organized in Berlin, Germany.

On July 20, they will take part in prelims from Delhi Office instead of going to berlin due to visa denied.

What is Pubg Mobile Club Open Tournament?

The Pubg Mobile Club open tournament has been organized in Berlin, Germany where all the selected Pubg players from the different country come across and play the Pubg game which starts from 27-28 July 2019. But due to the visa denied of Indian Pubg players, they are not able to go to Berlin instead, they will take part in prelims from Delhi on July 2019.

Now, due to visa denied, TeamIND aka ScOutOP and Indian tiger will have to play their prelims from Delhi on 20th July 2019. While TeamSouL aka Mortal got the first position in qualifiers and they have the direct entry on the Pubg Mobile Club Open Main event to play …

FaceApp ,Viral Face changing App seems to be blocking users from India

FaceApp, Viral face changing app seems to be blocking users from India

The founder of faceApp isYaroslav Goncharov.

It is a face app, a face-changing app with age filter inside it, with the help of this you can increase your age by taking a photo of a person by putting a photo inside the face app. This app became so viral overnight that its downloads would run in the millions. It's freely available you can download this face app from play store.

Download Link: FaceApp apk

But face app is not being used in India because it blocks the user to use the face app. A lot of users from India have been reported on the Play Store that face app leads to an error.

If you trying to use the face app from India on android smartphones then you will see the "something went wrong" error and if you are an IOS user(Apple user) then face app will show you an "operation could not be completed, ApiRequestError error 6".

Reference of image: faceApp/age filter app. Available at: https://i.g…

Instagram hide the likes count in their test "to remove pressure on users"

Instagram hide the likes count in their test "to remove pressure on users"

Instagram has decided to hide the number of likes counts on the posts in many countries including Australia and Japan to remove "the pressure on users" so that they feel free to share the posts.

Testing will start from Thursday, which means users will able to see only the user name "and others" below the posts instead of the number of likes counts.

People can see the numbers of likes counts who post their own posts by themselves.

This same trial has also been launched in Canada in May. The new test is about to launch in many countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, etc.

Mia Garlick, Director of Policy said that "We hope that this test of Instagram be successful so that people can share their lovable post which they like without seeing the number of likes so that they don't feel any pressure".

The main cause behind to launch the test is people feel fr…

How to find and remove Agent Smith Malware which replacing all apps?


If an Android Device is owned by you, then it might be infected with a threatening malware called AGENT SMITH. Globally Agent Smith Malware has infected 25 million android devices, as it cannibalizes apps.
Researchers at Check Point Research dubbed the malware as "Agent Smith", it impersonates as Google official application to get implant into victim's device.


Agent Smith is a dodgy third-party app, it plasters fake ads to generate earnings, if it enters into your phone then it will spread to other apps too. This malware will imitate other apps maliciously.
Agent Smith could imitate apps like WhatsApp and can steal sensitive information like passwords and bank details.   


The foremost way is to prevent the malware, uninstall the affected apps, also delete the app database and then re-install the app from the trusted app store like G…

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.5v beta || Full details

PUBG mobile New update 0.13.5v beta: Let's see new weapons, season, tier system and Download link The PUBG Mobile game has been created by the Tencent company. The company is shortly bringing PUBG mobile new update of 0.13.5 beta version to the PUBG Mobile gamer so that they can enjoy new weapons, tier, season.

At this time, PUBG Gamers are enjoying Season 7, this season 7 will end on July 14, 2019. After the end of this season, maybe around July 18,2019, that PUBG mobile new update 0.13.5 is likely to come.
Season 8 of the PUBG Mobile will bring you lots of interesting things for PUBG Gamers, which makes it even more fun to play in the PUBG Mobile game.
New Weapon
The PP-19 is the newest Gun which is coming in the latest beta version of PUBG Mobile.PP-19 gun consists of 9mm ammo like a UMP gun. The main thing about the PP-19 gun is that it has 53 rounds of magazine size like a sub-machine gun. Upgradations are not allowed in PP-19 but it can attach all the scopes from red dot to 6x s…

5 Programming Languages Every Developer Should Learn in 2019

Hey! if you are confused in which language you want mastery then hold on and read the following things about Top 5 Programming Languages. I assure you this will help you a lot.Programming language ranking  ------->JavaScriptNow we are talking about programming language Javascript. Javascript was first developed by Brendan Eich in 1995.According to Stackoverflow analysis from the past 6 years, javascript is the most popular languages used by the coders. Basically, javascript is used to make most interactive websites with the essence of HTML and CSS. If you want to be a Front-end developer or a backend developer then javascript will guide you. Javascript is compatible with many browsers so it will work efficiently when you code. Also, you can develop a mobile app, a desktop app through javascript. If you love gaming and wanna become a game developer javascript will help you.Here, the future requirement machine learning omg !! javascript will be going to help in that too. Javascript is…


FaceApp ,Viral Face changing App seems to be blocking users from India

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.5v beta || Full details

Instagram hide the likes count in their test "to remove pressure on users"