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Monday 2 November 2020

Top 5 Best PC Compatibility Checker Tools

  Ekansh Jain       Monday 2 November 2020

Building a custom PC isn't rocket science if you know the proper compatibility of the PC Parts, along with the core components required to build your PC. 

And due to a lack of knowledge in pc compatibility, we end up buying the wrong parts and thus lose all the money we saved for building a dream PC for ourselves.

When you search on google for pc compatibility, you'll find a lot of sites but none of them actually works to find the ideal pc parts for our build. And if you ever suffered from the same issue, then don't worry!

Now you don't have to suffer from all these problems after reading this post on the top 5 best PC compatibility websites to pick compatible PC parts and start building our dream PC by ourselves.

So let's get started...

Best PC Parts Compatibility Websites

PC Builder

Developed by two computer geeks, PC Builder is one of the most popular websites or you can say a tool to check the compatibility of various PC parts available in the market.

As of now, it supports Amazon for the compatible pc parts and 6 countries including the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Italy. So you'll not have to search here and there for the compatible PC Parts and simply use this website to build a compatible PC part list for you.

Along with all these, the website has a 1K+ computer parts algorithm which helps you to choose the right PC part for your build and it majorly supports all the latest components which aren't available on any other platforms.

PC Part Picker

PC Part Picker is another oldest yet powerful computer compatibility checker website in the market. As the website is the oldest one in the market, it supports thousands of computer components from various merchants. 

Most people prefer using this website, and if you ever encounter any issue, they have their own forum to solve all the issues related to your PC build and components queries.

The only cons of using this website are their vast features, which sometimes confuses the user who doesn't have a deeper knowledge of technology and computer parts. 

Build My PC

Build My PC is their most popular tool in the market for building your custom PC. The website supports most of the components which are available on various merchants, including Amazon.

Similar to PC Builder, it supports more than 1K+ computer compatibility (as mentioned by their developers) and 6 countries for a hassle-free PC build,

According to the data listed on their website, they've built over 470,000+ custom PCs as of writing this post and the list is continuously growing day by day. So if you wanted to build a list of compatible PC Parts, then Build My PC is another most popular tool for you. 

NZXT Lets Bld

Lets Bld is one of the most popular custom PC builder website developed by NZXT, a website which offers pre-build PCs and various core components of PCs.

You can easily select from the core components listed on their website and they'll deliver the custom PC to you. The only cons I found using NZXT Lets Bld is, you'll get the option to choose from a limited number of products, and most of the products which are listed on their website are built by them.

So you will not get the option to independently choose from the other brands, which in my case, is one of the major downsides of using NZXT bld. 

NewEgg's Custom PC Builder

The last but not the least tool to check computer compatibility is NewEgg's custom PC builder. The tool is designed by one of the most popular NewEgg websites which deal with eCommerce related products worldwide.

The website offers you to independently choose from thousands of components that are listed on their website - but the website is not as accurate as of the other website I listed above. 

Along with it, you'll only get the option to choose from the products which are listed on NewEgg's e-commerce website. So it can be a downside for peoples who don't use NewEgg as their primarily shopping website.

Wrapping Up!

So in this guide today, I tried my best to share all the tools which are most popular for checking the compatibility of the PC parts. I strongly advise you to choose any of these sites or cross-check with all these websites to make sure you're buying accurate and compatible PC Parts.

I also shared a few cons of using these websites, so choose the site which is best as per your comfort. And if you like this post, do share it with your friends and family and help them in building their own PC by choosing the parts smartly.

Happy Building :) 


Thanks for reading Top 5 Best PC Compatibility Checker Tools

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  1. These all pc builder websites are amazing to build custom pc online. and pc compatibility checker. Thanks for sharing info.


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