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Whatsapp's fingerprint lock update is now available for Android users

WhatsApp's fingerprint lock update is now available for Android users

WhatsApp has announced its new update, there is a fingerprint unlock update. You can lock your WhatsApp with the fingerprint lock update. You people used to use fingerprint to unlock the phone, but now it has also made the feature available in WhatsApp with fingerprint lock that you can also lock or unlock your Whatsapp with a fingerprint. 

Right now this update is not available in all the regions, only in some regions, this update has been available. The fingerprint update of WhatsApp first came in the beta version of WhatsApp in August.

IOS users will get the most benefit because IOS WhatsApp user is getting both Touch ID and Face ID while Android users are providing only the fingerprint update, this is bad news for Android users.

Whatsapp Inc has also been told by tweeting that they are announcing fingerprint updates 17 hours ago, they had announced this on Twitter. Not only on twitter, but WhatsApp Inc has also …