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FaceApp ,Viral Face changing App seems to be blocking users from India

FaceApp, Viral face changing app seems to be blocking users from India

The founder of faceApp isYaroslav Goncharov.

It is a face app, a face-changing app with age filter inside it, with the help of this you can increase your age by taking a photo of a person by putting a photo inside the face app. This app became so viral overnight that its downloads would run in the millions. It's freely available you can download this face app from play store.

Download Link: FaceApp apk

But face app is not being used in India because it blocks the user to use the face app. A lot of users from India have been reported on the Play Store that face app leads to an error.

If you trying to use the face app from India on android smartphones then you will see the "something went wrong" error and if you are an IOS user(Apple user) then face app will show you an "operation could not be completed, ApiRequestError error 6".

Reference of image: faceApp/age filter app. Available at: https://i.g…