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Google Play Store ban Many app developers

Google Play Store ban Many app developers
There are some google play store publishing rules and google play developer policy to put an app on the Google Play Store, which rules must follow, for every app developer, if he/she wants to earn money from there. In this blog I will tell you some violations that occur in some apps, it's not a matter of earning money in this way that is not right for Google Play Store and Google PlayStore's users. Every app developer must-knows to google play store publishing rules before publishing any app on google play store.

On the basis of Buzzfeed analytics, that many app developers whose app is on Google Play Store can be caught for sharing their data along with the Chinese Government. In order to share data, Google PlayStore has banned many app developers from the Google Play Store. Due to this reason, Google has removed more than half a million app from the Google Play Store.

DO global which is the Chinese developer was found to perform the mali…