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Pubg new update 0.12.0 :Features,modes,etc.

Pubg Mobile 0.12.0 update: What's new in this update?A most popular game among children is Pubg Mobile game. Nowadays children spend their 15-16 hour out of 24 hours to play Pubg game. Pubg Mobile game is more popular in comparison to other mobile games.

Pubg mobile has taken out its new update, which is Pubg mobile 0.12.0. It comes with new features and new Modes such as Darkest Night Mode, Survival till dawn 2.0, spring theme and many more. The Pubg Mobile had closed its Server on the day of the Tuesday, to put in a new update. A new update to the Pubg mobile has been released on 17th April 2019. This update mainly focuses on Zombies modes such as jumping zombies, zombies dog, and many more things.This newly updated version of Pubg is easily available for the user of Android and IOS. Here is the List of new Features ---->
Pubg Game has introduced a new Mode called EvoGround.It replaces the previous Event Mode. It consists Zombie: darkest Night and Zombie Survive Till Dawn 2.0.I…