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Spotify is removing Saregama's work

Spotify is the renowned company of Music label.

Spotify company of Music label has told the High Court that we will remove all the songs from the saregama music label(India's oldest music company) within 10 days.

Spotify is a music label company that has many songs in every corner of the country on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Spotify music label Company had started its service in February and it is giving the tough competition to all other music label company. The Spotify Company had earned 10 million followers within a week of launch.

The High Court has ordered the Spotify company not to violate the intellectual property of saregama music label company.

Saregama also told the court that it has been a long history in the field of recorded music in India.

Saregama, music label Company is India's oldest company, which records songs as well as publishes songs in 14 different languages.

In February 2018, the Spotify Company had spoken to the Saregama Company that the Sa…