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20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 with Full Specs and Prices

20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 || Full Specs, Details
Best Camera Phones under 15000 Best camera smartphones under 15000 seem to be upgraded annually and we believe that many of you have already purchased one of the newest best camera phones under 15000 or thinking about to buy mobiles under 15000 in the coming days. However, if you are still looking for the mobiles under 15000 and can't decide what to buy, here are your options for the best camera phones under 15000.
We have listed the best camera phones under 15000 with the best quality of the camera in India offering the right combination of connectivity and performance. These best camera phones offer the perfect balance between performance and build quality under Rs.15000 (according to your budget).
Whatever information is in this article is taken from the internet and this information about the phones under 15000 with the best camera is true and genuine.

If you want phones with the best camera under 15000 then you are on the ri…

This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future.

THE QUANTUM COMPUTER|This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future & 

At Nanyang Technological University in SINGAPORE, MILE GU  worked as an assistant professor.
Mile Gu with his fellow workers developed a QUANTUM SIMULATOR that can predict the future in 16 possible ways concomitantly at the moment.
Before understanding the phenomenon of 16 possible versions of the future you should know...

As in QUANTUM COMPUTERS, the information is stored in QUANTUM BITS or QUBITS. As classical computer store information as bits(0 or 1) but in Quantum computers subatomic particles exist in two distinct states at the same time which thanks to weird laws of quantum mechanics and so data can be stored in single qubit when compared to a bit.
As Schrödinger's hypothetical cat concomitantly dead and alive unless and until someone opened the box, so as in qubit, superposition can equal both 0 & 1 until it's



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