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Happy Friendship Day: 5 cool gadgets for your Technical Friends

Here are the top five cool gadgets you can buy for your technical friend on the occasion of Friendship Day.

This year, International Friendship Day is being celebrated on July 30, 2019, in the whole world. But in India friendship day is celebrated on 4th August 2019, Friendship Day is also celebrated in our country in the same way that Fathers Day, Mother's Day are celebrated in our country. Friendship day is celebrated so that you can celebrate that day together with your friends.

If you have a technical friend in your friend circle, those friends who are interested in tech gadgets, then those friends will love your gifts.

Here are your 5 gadgets through which you can surprise your friends

1) Instant Photo Camera

It's great to capture photos with your friends on friendship day. In the World, there are many gadgets companies who offer live camera and instant photo camera. Fujifilm gadget allows you to record the voice while instant click photos.

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2) …