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20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 with Full Specs and Prices

20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 || Full Specs, Details
Best Camera Phones under 15000 Best camera smartphones under 15000 seem to be upgraded annually and we believe that many of you have already purchased one of the newest best camera phones under 15000 or thinking about to buy mobiles under 15000 in the coming days. However, if you are still looking for the mobiles under 15000 and can't decide what to buy, here are your options for the best camera phones under 15000.
We have listed the best camera phones under 15000 with the best quality of the camera in India offering the right combination of connectivity and performance. These best camera phones offer the perfect balance between performance and build quality under Rs.15000 (according to your budget).
Whatever information is in this article is taken from the internet and this information about the phones under 15000 with the best camera is true and genuine.

If you want phones with the best camera under 15000 then you are on the ri…

5 Top Instagram Tips and Tricks that you never know before

5 Top Instagram Tips and Tricks that you never know before

Instagram is a platform where people share memes and talk to their friends, it is a medium through which people can talk and explore the thing around them. Instagram is a trending application where more than half the population of the world is joined.

In my blog today, I am going to share the tips and tricks of Instagram with you, this is such tips and tricks that you people may have never seen, after using it, you know about the hidden features of Instagram. It will work and you can't even imagine that Instagram can also provide such tips and tricks.

You are requested to read my blog from start to end, all the tips and tricks which I shared here are new.

Instagram Tips and Tricks in 2019

1) How can see the story of any user without coming in its view list?

Instagram story tips and tricks 2019

what to do, you people have to first turn on your mobile data, open your Instagram, then you have to wait for 2-3 minutes, as long as your…

Yahoo groups are shutting down || Save your data till 14 December 2019

Yahoo groups are shutting down || Save your data till 14 December 2019

Yahoo groups have been on the Internet for a long time. But from now Yahoo groups is shutting down. Yahoo Users still have a chance to save the data from the yahoo group till 14 December 2019.Ever since the popular company heard the news of the closure of Yahoo Groups, they have stopped putting their data on Yahoo Groups.

 If users do not save their data by 14 December 2019, then Yahoo will make those data private and remove the website from Yahoo.

If your data is stored on Yahoo Groups, then you should download or save your data on your mobile or desktop as soon as possible. The yahoo team is emailing to those who have their data on a yahoo group to save their data before 14 December 2019.

You people can download your data or save it by go to its privacy dashboard.

Why Yahoo groups are shutting down?

Yahoo has done this process so that the users have shifted from the yahoo group to the email platform.

Yahoo wants that in…

Whatsapp's fingerprint lock update is now available for Android users

WhatsApp's fingerprint lock update is now available for Android users

WhatsApp has announced its new update, there is a fingerprint unlock update. You can lock your WhatsApp with the fingerprint lock update. You people used to use fingerprint to unlock the phone, but now it has also made the feature available in WhatsApp with fingerprint lock that you can also lock or unlock your Whatsapp with a fingerprint. 

Right now this update is not available in all the regions, only in some regions, this update has been available. The fingerprint update of WhatsApp first came in the beta version of WhatsApp in August.

IOS users will get the most benefit because IOS WhatsApp user is getting both Touch ID and Face ID while Android users are providing only the fingerprint update, this is bad news for Android users.

Whatsapp Inc has also been told by tweeting that they are announcing fingerprint updates 17 hours ago, they had announced this on Twitter. Not only on twitter, but WhatsApp Inc has also …


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