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PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.5v beta || Full details

PUBG mobile New update 0.13.5v beta: Let's see new weapons, season, tier system and Download link The PUBG Mobile game has been created by the Tencent company. The company is shortly bringing PUBG mobile new update of 0.13.5 beta version to the PUBG Mobile gamer so that they can enjoy new weapons, tier, season.

At this time, PUBG Gamers are enjoying Season 7, this season 7 will end on July 14, 2019. After the end of this season, maybe around July 18,2019, that PUBG mobile new update 0.13.5 is likely to come.
Season 8 of the PUBG Mobile will bring you lots of interesting things for PUBG Gamers, which makes it even more fun to play in the PUBG Mobile game.
New Weapon
The PP-19 is the newest Gun which is coming in the latest beta version of PUBG Mobile.PP-19 gun consists of 9mm ammo like UMP gun. The main thing about the PP-19 gun is that it has 53 rounds of magazine size like a sub-machine gun. Upgradations are not allowed in PP-19 but it can attach all the scopes from red dot to 6x sco…