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Whatsapp can be hacked and messages can be manipulated, claims Researchers

WhatsApp is a social media app in today's time through which we can send messages to our friends. It is the biggest and famous social media app and every app has some weakness through which data or personal information can be stolen. So due to a security weakness in WhatsApp, researchers said that "hackers found a way to breach the WhatsApp security and they can change the sent messages in a group conversation as well as they can change the sender's identity." Hackers can edit your sent WhatsApp messages.

How hackers bypass the security of Whatsapp?Roman Zaikin, a security researcher and Oded Vanunu head of product vulnerability research both at the Security firm checkpoint explain how hackers can hack the WhatsApp account, how can they bypass the security of WhatsAppand how they can breach the WhatsApp security so that they can change the WhatsApp messages and sender's identity. They said that only the Reverse Engineering process can bypass the security of WhatsA…