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Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

Stretchable skin sensor made by Engineers

Some engineers at Stanford University have teamed up to create a skin monitoring system. The skin monitoring system uses the network of the stretchable sensor through which the skin monitoring system can wirelessly relay the physiological signals.

Body area sensor network is also known as BodyNet. This system uses rubber patches that are screen printed with flexible metallic ink antennas. These patches were applied to the body in such a way that if the patches are stretched and move so through which we can analyze the heart rate, body temperature, and other vital sign.

Image: skin sensor

These patches required a battery-free sensor and this sensor transmit the energy with the form of RFID(radiofrequency Identification) where some amount of energy was cut off which was released due to the adhesive of the fabric. Then the receiver uses the Bluetooth through which all the physiological data can be uploaded to the computer or any other System.

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