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5 Programming Languages Every Developer Should Learn in 2019

Hey! if you are confused in which language you want mastery then hold on and read the following things about Top 5 Programming Languages. I assure you this will help you a lot.Programming language ranking  ------->JavaScriptNow we are talking about programming language Javascript. Javascript was first developed by Brendan Eich in 1995.According to Stackoverflow analysis from the past 6 years, javascript is the most popular languages used by the coders. Basically, javascript is used to make most interactive websites with the essence of HTML and CSS. If you want to be a Front-end developer or a backend developer then javascript will guide you. Javascript is compatible with many browsers so it will work efficiently when you code. Also, you can develop a mobile app, a desktop app through javascript. If you love gaming and wanna become a game developer javascript will help you.Here, the future requirement machine learning omg !! javascript will be going to help in that too. Javascript is…