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Saturday, 27 April 2019

Google Play Store ban Many app developers

  Ekansh Jain       Saturday, 27 April 2019

Google Play Store ban Many app developers

There are some google play store publishing rules and google play developer policy to put an app on the Google Play Store, which rules must follow, for every app developer, if he/she wants to earn money from there. In this blog I will tell you some violations that occur in some apps, it's not a matter of earning money in this way that is not right for Google Play Store and Google PlayStore's users. Every app developer must-knows to google play store publishing rules before publishing any app on google play store.

On the basis of Buzzfeed analytics, that many app developers whose app is on Google Play Store can be caught for sharing their data along with the Chinese Government. In order to share data, Google PlayStore has banned many app developers from the Google Play Store. Due to this reason, Google has removed more than half a million app from the Google Play Store.

DO global which is the Chinese developer was found to perform the malicious activity to their own app to earn more revenue from AdMob.40 DO global apps were removed by the google play store.

ban many apps

According to the ad fraud analytics, Buzzfeed has noticed that the inside the code of the app is designed in such a way that as soon as the app is open, advertisements will automatically open and these types of app may fetch the data and drain out the battery. At present, there are at least 6 apps on google play store that contains the code which promotes the fake click bait. It means there is something that attracts the audience that people click on that thing. Ads also run in the background while the app has been closed. This is a worthless thing for any app that even though you go, its program runs in the background. Due to fake click bait, many google play store users report an app on google play store.

The Google Play Store has also discovered that there are many such app developers whose app contains fake ads, which is not following the play store publishing rules. Buzzfeed reports that today 50 apps have been removed and in the upcoming days, the remaining 50 apps will be removed soon. Many app developers are violating the Google Play Store's policy. That's why many apps are suspended by google play store.

There are some examples of play store suspended app ------>

There are many apps on the Google Play Store which are asking for user permissions to access the data while they do not need in those apps. One of the play store suspended app on the google play store called TV remote. It said that "it might want permission from the user to record the voice while you watch the TV. But there is no need for that permissions".

Similarly, a flashlight app, this is also a play store suspended app, it is an app that you think will provide the flashlight permission and it will provide you another special feature with great functionalities, but it is still permissible to ask for fake permissions like other dubious apps. There are a lot of such games apps that contain pornography ads and these games are played by kids and these ads for kids is not the right ads.

If google found any malicious activity in coming days and any violation regarding the google play store apps then Google will take strict action to the apps developers and Google will remove or suspend the AdMob approval of the app developers.

This action will be taken because a million users are active on the Google Play Store and Google Play Store does not want to have fraud advertisements. Google has not done this thing for the first time Last year also banned many such apps in the Google Play Store, which promotes pornography and fake click baits.

Note: These malicious activities are being done on the Google Play Store so that the app developer can earn as much money as possible.

If the user wants to report any app, then in the app's description on the Google Play Store, where there is a feedback option, there are also options for the report on that app.He/she can report if the person thinks that it is misinforming or making any violation.

Every app developer must follow the google play developer program policies.

Earning is good but earning money in the wrong way is not a good thing.


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