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Thursday, 11 April 2019

6 most awesome Features of Whatsapp coming in 2020 : Dark Mode,Authentication,sending many audio files,etc.

  Ekansh Jain       Thursday, 11 April 2019

Whatsapp has become a vast communication messenger among all other social media messenger such as Facebook,twitter,etc.

Here are some new features of whatsapp which are surely coming in few months.
Whatsapp is now testing some features in the beta version of whatsapp.


1)Dark mode
Dark mode is expected to be launched to reduce the strain on human eyes.As many messengers apps like facebook messenger using dark mode.Additionally, for devices with OLED screens, it could result in improving the battery life as well.Dark mode is a simple solution to potential eye strain by inverting the colours.

2) Forwarding messages
This messenger added two new features for forwarding the messages to curb fake news from the fake people.WhatsApp is now testing two new features called “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded”.The Forwarding Info feature informs users how many times they have forwarded a message. It is available in the Message Info section of individual chats and is available only for the sent messages and the Frequently Forwarded feature will show users a special message if a message that they have received has been forwarded more than four times.These features are shown in the form of Label.These features are highly recommended to stop spreading faking news.
3)FingerPrint unlock
This feature is added to make the messenger highly secured,so that the privacy should be maintained.Everytime user open the whatsapp a screen of fingerprint is pop up.If the verification fails, WhatsApp will require the phone’s passcode or password to unlock.The feature was first seen to be tested on an iPhone and should rollout soon after development completes.
4)Universal PiP Mode for videos
In 2018, WhatsApp introduced the Picture-in-Picture mode for videos. The feature allowed users to view shared videos from YouTube and Facebook directly in the app on a small floating window. Users could chat in the background while enjoying the video simultaneously. This year, any third-party video in the form of mp4 files shared by users will be able to utilise this feature as well.
5) Auto-playing of one or more voice message features
Now,whatsapp allow the user to listen the audio in the consecutive manner.It means if user play first audio then automatically second audio will play.
Whatsapp added many new emoji design for make whatsapp much more user friendly and attractive.The designs include puke emoji, kiss emoji, tongue-out emoji, heart-eyes emoji, french fries emoji, and more.

6) Whatsapp for android user sending 30 audio files at once
The new redesigned audio files section is said to have the ability to add as many as 30 audio files at once. Presently, WhatsApp allows users to send only one audio file at a time. The redesigned section also reportedly lets users preview the audio and image of the file before sending.
NOTE : These features firstly came in beta version of whatsapp then after testing it will execute to the original whatsapp messenger.

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