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20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 with Full Specs and Prices

20 Best Camera Phones under 15000 || Full Specs, Details
Best Camera Phones under 15000 Best camera smartphones under 15000 seem to be upgraded annually and we believe that many of you have already purchased one of the newest best camera phones under 15000 or thinking about to buy mobiles under 15000 in the coming days. However, if you are still looking for the mobiles under 15000 and can't decide what to buy, here are your options for the best camera phones under 15000.
We have listed the best camera phones under 15000 with the best quality of the camera in India offering the right combination of connectivity and performance. These best camera phones offer the perfect balance between performance and build quality under Rs.15000 (according to your budget).
Whatever information is in this article is taken from the internet and this information about the phones under 15000 with best camera is true and genuine.

If you want phones with the best camera under 15000 then you are on the right …

Helo App removes 1.6 lakhs account

Helo App removes 1.6 lakhs accounts after violating the guidelines

Helo app mainly focusing on Indian users. Helo App is a social media platform where helo users mostly upload their videos or photos from which people can share and communicate with other language people as well as earn the money. This helo app supports mostly Indian language users like the Tamil language. Due to violating some guidelines, 1.6 lakhs accounts and 5 million post has been deleted from the helo app.
Helo App operates by china 's ByteDance company and it is the same company that also manages the Tik Tok app. This company started the services from the last year of June in India.
Head of Content Operation, Shyamanga Barooah told PTI that "we have created this App by focusing on Indian People so that people can get more interest from our app and use them as much as possible and people get this app through entertainment and can earn money by sharing our App. Helo app is a great app that provides a good platf…

Google Play Store ban Many app developers

Google Play Store ban Many app developers
There are some google play store publishing rules and google play developer policy to put an app on the Google Play Store, which rules must follow, for every app developer, if he/she wants to earn money from there. In this blog I will tell you some violations that occur in some apps, it's not a matter of earning money in this way that is not right for Google Play Store and Google PlayStore's users. Every app developer must-knows to google play store publishing rules before publishing any app on google play store.

On the basis of Buzzfeed analytics, that many app developers whose app is on Google Play Store can be caught for sharing their data along with the Chinese Government. In order to share data, Google PlayStore has banned many app developers from the Google Play Store. Due to this reason, Google has removed more than half a million app from the Google Play Store.

DO global which is the Chinese developer was found to perform the mali…

Spotify is removing Saregama's work

Spotify is the renowned company of Music label.

Spotify company of Music label has told the High Court that we will remove all the songs from the saregama music label(India's oldest music company) within 10 days.

Spotify is a music label company that has many songs in every corner of the country on mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, etc.

The Spotify music label Company had started its service in February and it is giving tough competition to all other music label companies. The Spotify Company had earned 10 million followers within a week of launch.

The High Court has ordered the Spotify company not to violate the intellectual property of saregama music label company.

Saregama also told the court that it has been a long history in the field of recorded music in India.

Saregama, music label Company is India's oldest company, which records songs as well as publishes songs in 14 different languages.

In February 2018, the Spotify Company had spoken to the Saregama Company that the Sare…

This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future.

THE QUANTUM COMPUTER|This Quantum Computer Can See 16 Sort Of Future & 

At Nanyang Technological University in SINGAPORE, MILE GU  worked as an assistant professor.
Mile Gu with his fellow workers developed a QUANTUM SIMULATOR that can predict the future in 16 possible ways concomitantly at the moment.
Before understanding the phenomenon of 16 possible versions of the future you should know...

As in QUANTUM COMPUTERS, the information is stored in QUANTUM BITS or QUBITS. As classical computer store information as bits(0 or 1) but in Quantum computers subatomic particles exist in two distinct states at the same time which thanks to weird laws of quantum mechanics and so data can be stored in single qubit when compared to a bit.
As Schrödinger's hypothetical cat concomitantly dead and alive unless and until someone opened the box, so as in qubit, superposition can equal both 0 & 1 until it's


Pubg new update 0.12.0 :Features,modes,etc.

Pubg Mobile 0.12.0 update: What's new in this update?The most popular game among children is the Pubg Mobile game. Nowadays children spend their 15-16 hour out of 24 hours to play Pubg game. Pubg Mobile game is more popular in comparison to other mobile games.

Pubg mobile has taken out its new update, which is Pubg mobile 0.12.0. It comes with new features and new Modes such as Darkest Night Mode, Survival till dawn 2.0, spring theme and many more. The Pubg Mobile had closed its Server on the day of the Tuesday, to put in a new update. A new update to the Pubg mobile has been released on 17th April 2019. This update mainly focuses on Zombies modes such as jumping zombies, zombies dog, and many more things.This newly updated version of Pubg is easily available for the user of Android and IOS. Here is the List of new Features ---->
Pubg Game has introduced a new Mode called EvoGround.It replaces the previous Event Mode. It consists of Zombie: darkest Night and Zombie Survive Till D…

Tik Tok App Ban in India : Google and Apple block this App.

Apple and Google Companies removed the Video sharing and Video creating app called Tik Tok from their online stores, which is widely famous in India. 120 Million People in India are made to make videos on the Tik Tok app but now they cannot make videos on the Tik Tok app because the suspension order came from the Madras High Court. 

The Orders came from the Madras High Court, which ordered Google and Apple to the removal of the Tik Tok app from app stores. Madras High Court Takes this Step because the Tik Tok app spread the pornography content on their videos.In Bangladesh, the Tik Tok app is already Banned.
The Madras High Court Strictly ordered the federal government to block the user of the Tik Tok app which increases the content of pornography and makes our youngsters weak. But now this app is not available on Google's Play store in India. Indian Supreme Court rejected the appeal to suspend the Tik Tok app, that's why this case will open again on 22 April. This app becomes the r…

Twitter introduces 40 amazing Avengers emoticons including Korg from Thor: Ragnarok Movie.

Avengers Emoticons Twitter is introducing 40 new marvel emojis for the Avenger: The End game that includes almost every single Marvel Movie superhero even those also who were dead by Thanos.

Marvel Studios associate with famous artist Truck Torrence to create the Twitter marvel emojis. The superheroes in the Emojis are — Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Hawkeye along with superHeroes like the cast of  Black PantherCaptain Marvel, and Thanos himself. There are two more emojis for Korg and Miek, which are famous characters from Thor: Ragnarok Movie. Vision is the only noticeable character. The Artist who made these marvel emoji is fabulous. He makes these emojis far better than other emojis. Thebest thing of these marvel emojis is that artists take care of every single expression made by Marvel superHeroes in Movie. Now only Marvel Studio collab with Truck Torrence to make emojis. In the next upcoming months may be other Hollywood studios such as DC also a collab wi…

Delhi High Court Orders to remove "diss tracks of Pewdiepie" from the Youtube

Pewdiepie vs T-seriesPewdiepieFelix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg,known as a Pewdiepie was born on 24 October 1989, he is a Swedish YouTuber, comedian, and game–commentator, best known for his youtube video content. He has 90+ Million subscribers on youtube.T-Series
T Series is a music record label and film production company in India which was founded by Gulshan Kumar in 1983. It is principally known for Bollywood music soundtracks and Indie-pop music,T-Series is India's largest music record label. Many YouTubers have raised their voice to support for PewDiePie. The most famous of them is MrBeast, who made many videos using noticeable methods to convince more people to subscribe to the channel of PewDiePie. Many of PewDiePie's fans have made efforts to earn subscribers for his channel through various methods, Supporters of PewDiePie often use the slogan "Subscribe to PewDiePie".

Delhi High Court OrderPewDiePie and T-Series have long been battling for the prime Position on YouTu…

6 most awesome Features of Whatsapp coming in 2020 : Dark Mode,Authentication,sending many audio files,etc.

Whatsapp has become a vast communication messenger among all other social media messengers such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here are some new features of WhatsApp which are surely coming in a few months.
Whatsapp is now testing some features in the beta version of WhatsApp.
HighLights1)Dark mode
The dark mode is expected to be launched to reduce the strain on human eyes. As many messengers apps like Facebook messenger using dark mode. Additionally, for devices with OLED screens, it could result in improving the battery life as well. The dark mode is a simple solution to potential eye strain by inverting the colors. 2) Forwarding messages This messenger added two new features for forwarding the messages to curb fake news from the fake people.WhatsApp is now testing two new features called “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded”.The Forwarding Info feature informs users how many times they have forwarded a message. It is available in the Message Info section of individual chats and is ava…


FaceApp ,Viral Face changing App seems to be blocking users from India

PUBG Mobile New Update 0.13.5v beta || Full details

Instagram hide the likes count in their test "to remove pressure on users"